2010 | Sprayberry Vineyard first planted 3 acres of Tempranillo and Cabernet

2011 | We planted 11 acres of Tempranillo and Merlot

2012 | We planted 3 acres of Tempranillo and 1.6 acres of Malbec

2013 | We planted 8 acres of Malbec

2014 | We have 27 total acres of vines on the farm  


Dusty Evans: rancher, cotton and hay farmer, and vintner.

The Evans Ranch


…ran hundreds of cows and yearlings that kept the wheat and cotton fields cleaned after harvest, adding natural fertilizer to the rich, brown soil.  Here, on this same family-owned land, the grape vines now flourish and the warm summers ripen the fruit to perfection.  The Sprayberry oil fields surrounding this area have helped West Texas to flourish for many years.  At Sprayberry Winery, the bountiful sunshine and our skilled wine makers are creating world-class wines and blends, giving the Sprayberry region of the Permian Basin its first claim to great wines in addition to its great cotton, cattle and oil.