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These cameras can be simply turned on, and placed inside your home to begin recording instantly. This way, you do not need to run cables to cameras for recording, and you can easily move your nanny cameras from one room to another. Nanny spy security cameras come in many shapes and sizes, some delivering continuous recording and others that have batteries that need to be charged up prior to use, but all of them are self contained units that will allow you to record video and audio onto an SD card. Home Security Monitor Camera is an anti thief app made for guarding and monitoring your house. Connect any two devices phones or tablets and turn them into the perfect anti thief system leave one device in the area you want to monitor and take the second device wherever you need to go. FEATURES: LIVE VIDEO MONITOR You can monitor anything, anywhere and anytime thanks to the full screen video in five different quality levels. Feel free to use the front or back camera of your monitoring device. SAFE and RELIABILITY Home Security Monitor Camera works via WiFi, 3G or LTE networks. It reconnects automatically and quickly in the case of WiFi outage!USER FRIENDLY With the Home Security Monitor Camera, you can monitor your home with just one glance at your phone‘s display. HIGH QUALITY AUDIO SYSTEM You can hear every tiny noise, every breath or sigh of sound, even if you are away in a live audio video stream. The Home Security Monitor Camera could be used as an audio remote control of your safe home.


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I was furious and I demanded to speak to whoever the supervisor is. I was placed on hold and finally Spencer Hutchings answered. It was the same words coming out from his mouth just like the other incompetent employees that work there. I demanded to see their verbal policies on an official document but no one can provide us w/ one. It sounds like they’re making policies as they go. Nothing indicates in writing that military orders needs to be submitted in order to cancel but I did submit my orders anyway.